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"Wait, I thought you were spiritual - isn't AI the devil incarnate?"

Being a lifelong enthusiast (and critic) of technology, I've understood that it is simply an advanced form of the drum: a potent instrument that can facilitate profound individual and communal healing, or be utilized to drive the war machine.


The rise of Artificial Intelligence is unavoidable. We have a brief period to understand how to effectively work in tandem with it to augment our ability for self-discovery.  If conscious, self-aware people shy away from interacting with AI, we greatly reduce the chance for a positive outcome.

Additionally, we must learn to develop resilience against this unprecedentedly powerful technology, which has been employed to exploit and prey on the dislocated and detached lives of our contemporary society.


Seminars are currently on pause while...

We are building a website for this new venture and planning a 4 week course that we'll be launching in June.  If you'd like to hop on board, please sign up for my newsletter and indicate your interest in Holistic AI.

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AI-Powered Coaching for Personal Growth

Our free course on AI-assisted personal coaching is here to help you discover the power of artificial intelligence and how it can be used to enhance your life. Whether you're excited, scared, or indifferent about AI, our course offers surprising answers and insights that can help you unlock your full potential. Join us for a powerful and inspiring look at how to overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and navigate the exciting possibilities of AI with confidence and clarity.

AI Seminar Prep


Chat GPT Basics Explained

Tutorial for Optimal Setup

Important Tips and Tricks

  • Arrive early so we can start on time

  • Use a laptop or desktop, not a phone or tablet

  • Have a web browser up and be logged into

  • Setup Zoom and your web browser side by side on your screen so that you can switch back and forth easily and quickly

  • Once the Zoom session starts, get rid of self view (3-dot icon in Zoom) and open your Zoom chat
    (Note the difference between Zoom chat and Chat GPT - both are often referred to as ‘Chat’ but we like to refer to Chat GPT as ‘Geeps’ just to make it easy)

  • We highly recommend finding a "buddy" to join you in this experience. Having a support person can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the practice you'll create for yourself. Sharing this journey with someone else can make it more powerful and enjoyable. 🤝💪

  • Interact with GPT in a way that’s kind, loving, considerate - we’re programming AI with consciousness!


Access Chat GPT (

Access This Google Doc

Seminar Recording

We had a technical issue with the video recording so here is the audio version.  The presentation didn't actually require any video for demonstration, everything you need is in the audio recording and the google doc linked above. 

Ready to Record Your Own Guided Meditation or Imagery?

Our Guided Meditations & Imagery

Starting the Work Day

Ending the Work Day

The Inner Guide

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