Surrender, and refresh your mind and body with breath, movement and voice activation!
Expand your breath, embrace your body and free your voice!

Saturday July 16th LONDON @
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Feeling anxious, distracted or stressed?
Want to cultivate more acceptance, serenity, compassion or forgiveness?
Would you like to deepen in your capacity to trust life as it unfolds?

We invite you to cultivate your soft power by learning how to trust yourself more deeply than ever.  Feel the freedom, nourishment and support of deeply fluid breathing, vocal freedom, live sound healing and free form movement to some supa funky beats.
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Natasha offers a system of breathing techniques that’ll immediately affect your sense of trust, clarity, connection, and peace. By working with her, you’ll discover a natural remedy for stress and anxiety, along with greater self-awareness, love, and compassion.  They can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving relationships, generating greater mental clarity, purpose, and direction in life.  This breathwork session will also feature live music accompaniment from Alex, who is a world renowned musician with 25 years of experience in music for embodiment and the healing arts.

Ecstatic Dance
lex weaves together mesmerizing sets that will help you surrender into freeform movement expression that often lies dormant within the body. 


As a leader in transformational music experiences, his immersive sonic environments create a mesmerizing backdrop for a mindful and embodied experience, combining live instruments and DJ techniques.  He is also a former member of the celebrated projects known as Desert Dwellers, Shamans Dream, Liquid Bloom and Six Degrees Records.  

The dance journey will be facilitated by Natasha who brings creative, innovative guidance to help you explore conscious movement with confidence and assurance in every step.

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Sound Healing Vocal Journey

Has anyone ever told you that your singing voice isn’t good enough?

Have you ever wanted to experience the power of your voice but felt blocked somehow?

Learn to trust the power, beauty and authenticity that belongs to you, by allowing yourself to be guided into an intimate relationship with your voice. We will sing together in a group setting that is created to feel extremely safe, inclusive, nourishing and relaxing for the nervous system.

No prior singing experience required - this is about finding your freedom, not judging yourself and knowing that you belong in the gift that is music.

Come Deepen Into Trust With Us

These powerful practices will improve the quality of your life experience by:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.  This offering is focused on developing powerful mindfulness tools that help to unleash the raw power of your voice.  They also have potent effects on your capacity to regulate your nervous system through expanded breathing, present moment awareness, receptivity, self acceptance and non-judgment.  

  • Giving you powerful keys to explore music in ways you didn’t think were possible without a lot of musically oriented training.  Breathing, moving and vocalizing with the power of music is an incredibly potent gift to give yourself.  

  • It will help you deepen into trust of yourself, helping surrender to life on life's terms.  An exciting journey that will help you learn about and reflect on your life in the company of other conscious inner explorers.

The Investment?

Still not convinced? Here's what others have to say about their work:


'Natasha’s Breathwork has been one of my life’s most profound experiences by far’

--Russell Blackmur 

'Deep peace, self compassion and a huge rush of feel-good chemicals for days after my Breathwork session with Natasha. WOW when can I do this again, it could be a new addiction!’

--Lucy Taylor

Natasha’s breathwork was a full body experience, she holds you with a very grounding voice and an amazing choice of music. I felt safe in my journey, her space left room for my own experiences to unfold with ease. --Angela Nagl Medicine Woman, Munich


“Alex's performance was moody, surprising, inventive, and totally grooving.  It really rocked and yet always keeps in contact with the root, the OM… Great work!” – Jai Uttal


“Alex’s music fuses the power of the inner experience of yoga, resonance, rhythm, breath, and flow with a cutting edge pulse of ambient World music… Highly recommended” – Shiva Rea


“ Wow! Here's an artist that will have a major and immediate impact. Tribal, chilled to the max, funky, evocative, and in a groove that really won't quit. Each of his releases are treasures… & foreshadows great things to come from this musical visionary…” – Backroad’s Music


“[Alex] is a… musical mastermind… for fans of electronic and ambient music, this is definitely a find.”  – LA Yoga Magazine

Alex’s vocal journeys have been some of the most impactful expressions and connection for me. They are deeper than the voice and I feel such a deep sense of unity and oneness with each individual present and with all of creation. The resonance of sound ripples out into my daily life. I couldn’t be more grateful for being part of these groups because they’ve guided me deeper into my own heart and sound. -- Larissa Kridekis

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The time to find true freedom is now.