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Liberate your Soul's expression through the power of musical mindfulness.

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come sing with us

Friday, July 21: 7:-9:30pm
Live Concert with Cacao


Saturday, July 22: 12-4pm

Vocal Deep Dive Workshop

In person event @ The Williams Grange
Williams, OR

A safe, non-judgmental
space to free your soul.


Can't make it on Friday or Saturday, or want to make it an even more expansive weekend?

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Sunday, July 23 @ 11am - 1pm


more about vocal freedom:

That doesn't mean that we bypass the hard stuff.  We learn to sing through the grief of loss and into a natural state of praise.


Through the gifts of a mindful, judgment free approach to singing, we will unlock the power and wonder of one of the most natural and transformative tools you have at your disposal.


Learn to tune into the genuine good nature that exists within you by softening the body, listening with spacious receptivity, and allowing the power of life to breathe you into complete surrender. 

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Together we will learn how to soften the body, listen unconditionally, allow life to breathe us into total surrender... and then sing for absolute freedom. 


If I could live my life over, this is one practice I would have had with me from the beginning.

The word on the street is...

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“There are parts of my voice and places within myself, that I have only been able to access with Rara. Presently there by my side, patiently guiding me through the storm, taking my hand and bringing me back to myself again and again.

My favourite part was when I could allow my walls down and little Phoebe and little Rara could have moments of PLAY! Freeing your voice is not your normal singing lessons - this is deep, transformative work, for you.”

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Alex’s vocal journeys have been some of the most impactful expressions and connection for me. They are deeper than the voice and I feel such a deep sense of unity and oneness with each individual present and with all of creation. The resonance of sound ripples out into my daily life. I couldn’t be more grateful for being part of these groups because they’ve guided me deeper into my own heart and sound.

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I attended one of Alex's three day vocal journeys and I was immensely impressed by his way of holding space. He does it in a way that I have rarely seen by creating a space where we feel at ease to express our feelings and emotions freely, as much as our voices.  Showing our vulnerability in this work is so much easier because he sets the example.  ​  🎶🙏

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