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The Embodied Soul & Quantum Journey

A Two-Part Transformational Experience

Facilitated by Alex King-Harris & Naomi Jason in Ladysmith, BC.

Friday, December 29, 2023



Dive into the realms of self-discovery and healing with Breath of Life: The Embodied Soul & Quantum Journey. This unique event, curated by seasoned facilitators Naomi Jason and Alex King-Harris, invites you to explore the depths of your being through movement, vocal expression, and breathwork.

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Embodied Soul Journey 
(2:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

Join Naomi Jason in a sacred space of self-discovery and connection. The Embodied Soul Journey is a lightly guided, free-form dance experience open to everyone. This soulful exploration is designed for those curious about Naomi's upcoming 5-month program, SoulSkin, commencing in February 2024. 

Investment: $50 | Includes Part Two: Breath of Life - Quantum Journey
Immerse yourself in the rhythm of your own heartbeat as you tap into your full embodied expression, setting the stage for a profound inner journey.

Note that this option for the event is limited to 8 spots only,
so be sure to register ASAP if this calls to your heart!

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Breath of Life - Quantum Healing Journey 
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
(Doors open at 3:15 PM, event starts promptly at 3:30 PM) 

Dive into the heart of healing with Alex King-Harris and Naomi Jason in Breath of Life: Quantum Healing Journey.

Investment: $40 
(Limited to 18 participants, including 8 from Part 1)

Infused with the medicinal energy of cacao, this immersive experience blends the wisdom of Qigong, the power of vocal exploration, and the profound impact of breathwork. Together, we'll unlock the potential to elevate emotions, clarify thoughts, and attune ourselves to a life of greater impact and service.

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Registration Options

Option One
Limited to 8 participants

The Full Journey: Embodied Soul + Breath of Life
(2:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

Free-form dance exploration.
Dive into your full embodied expression.
Open to all, with a focus on those interested in the SoulSkin program from 2-3pm and the Breath of Life Vocal Journey from 3:30-6pm.



Option Two

Breath of Life - Quantum Healing Journey
(3:30 PM - 6:00 PM):

Cacao-infused experience.
Qigong, musical, vocal exploration,

and breathwork.

(Doors open at 3:15 PM, event starts promptly at 3:30 PM)



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Visionaries and seasoned community leaders, Alex and Naomi have dedicated their lives to co-facilitating transformative experiences for individuals and communities alike.

With a shared passion for holding sacred space and guiding people on their journeys, they bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to their collaborative endeavors.

Naomi is the founder of Dance Temple, the Imaginelle community theatre project, and the Imaginelle Mystery School for Embodied Transformation and offers 15 years of experience in tending to communities through embodied ritual.

Her work is centered around empowering community leaders to step into their full, impactful service, particularly during times of profound change. As a farmer, dance facilitator, medical qigong therapist, ritualist, dancer, choreographer, and music curator, Naomi invites you into liminal spaces where you can discover and express the deepest aspects of your being, aligning with your soul's true calling.

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Alex is a soulful guide and facilitator, specializes in breathwork, vocal expression, and mindful movement. Alex creates immersive experiences that foster deep connection, self-awareness, and personal growth. With a unique blend of wisdom and compassion, Alex encourages participants to explore the depths of their being and embrace their authentic selves.

Join Alex and Naomi at their upcoming Embodied Soul &

Breath of Life Quantum Healing Journeys.

Here, music and movement serve as powerful tools for inner exploration and collective empowerment, creating a space where you can embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

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Upcoming Journey:
Friday, December 29

Location Provided at Registration
in Ladysmith, BC


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🚀 Transformation & Empowerment:
Unleash personal growth and empowerment.


🧘‍♀️ Mindfulness & Alignment:
Find mindfulness and self-alignment.


💖 Healing & Connection:
Foster healing and deep connections.


🌿 Surrender & Receptivity:
Embrace surrender and receptivity.

🌟 Authenticity & Self-Mastery:
Discover authenticity and self-mastery.


✨ Deepen Your Breath & Voice for Healing and Expression

✨ Tap into the Quantum field and breathe your vision to life


✨ Release Self-Judgment and Embrace Authenticity

✨ Cultivate Presence, Play, and Acceptance

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Journeying with Naomi has helped facilitate my soul-full emergence and uninhibited wild expression.


I've experienced clearer access to my true power, as well as a deep sense of groundedness and expansiveness.


Her spiritual and emotional intelligence and kind heart create a safe container for deep transformation and alchemy.



Alex and Naomi together create an incredibly nurturing space for deep self-discovery and connection.

I love how Alex authentically weaves different practices and life wisdom - like little gems of inspiration sprinkled here and there in just the right moments.

Naomi has a playful yet motherly energy that adds such a healing vibe that I love and appreciate, and I love how gracefully she guides Qi Gong!

Their loving collaboration at events are heartwarming and pure magic, which seems to foster deep connection between everyone who attends.

Highly recommend working with these beautiful souls to deepen into the heart space and shift your frequency!

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Wow! incredibly motivating & magnificently inspiring! Alex helps me open up more and more.  I am able to go deeper into who I am and look at who I was and how I can feel and do better by breathing and being present, as well as learning to work and sing with others.

I feel that is very important to live in a community or society.   I am able look at my shadows and see through to the other side, not judging them but sharing love with them.

The presence he holds is difficult to put into words, the medicine he shares is potent!

Alex is so composed, centered, and compassionate all at the same time!   The tools he shares invaluable! 

Breathing techniques and musical melodies that help one find there inner voice as well as work though and breath during difficult times! 

It is truly a ceremonial experience giving life and breath to the daily life ceremony.


✨ Stress Reduction

✨ Improved Lung Capacity

✨ Emotional Release

✨ Enhanced Mental Focus

✨ Increased Confidence

✨ Physical Relaxation

✨ Vocal Exploration

✨ Mind-Body Connection

✨ Social Connection

✨ Energy Boost

✨ Immune System Support

✨ Creative Expression

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