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• Pre-Recorded Voice + Breath Sessions
• Powerful Daily Practice Tools
• Create Your Soul Song
• Harmonic Overtone Singing Technique

• Self Care Support Videos
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New Online Offering Coming Soon:

Transform Your Life Through The Power of Music and Breath.

Self-Paced Musical Mindfulness Training - In the Comfort
of Your Own Home



From breathwork and meditation to using the power of your voice, a comprehensive pre-recorded course on how to cultivate personal power and freedom is coming soon.


Through this experience, you will be able to feel more deeply connected with your breath and singing voice as you explore a holistic daily practice built on powerful mindfulness tools.  


My ultimate goal is to help people access their innate musicality so they can use it in harmony with others while tapping into a sense of purpose, joy, abundance, power and ease.


Music has always been the language of unity - something we all share - but many times people don’t know how to embrace it fully. With my guidance, I will give you the tools needed to learn how to use music as a tool for transformation.