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• Pre-Recorded Voice + Breath Sessions
• Powerful Daily Practice Tools
• Create Your Soul Song
• Harmonic Overtone Singing Technique

• Self Care Support Videos
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New Online Offering Coming Soon:

Transform Your Life Through The Power of Music and Breath.

Self-Paced Musical Mindfulness Training - In the Comfort
of Your Own Home



From breathwork and meditation to using the power of your voice, a comprehensive pre-recorded course on how to cultivate personal power and freedom is coming soon.


Through this experience, you will be able to feel more deeply connected with your breath and singing voice as you explore a holistic daily practice built on powerful mindfulness tools.  


My ultimate goal is to help people access their innate musicality so they can use it in harmony with others while tapping into a sense of purpose, joy, abundance, power and ease.


Music has always been the language of unity - something we all share - but many times people don’t know how to embrace it fully. With my guidance, I will give you the tools needed to learn how to use music as a tool for transformation.

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Effortlessly calm your mind, relax your body, free your soul
 and find your power with the:

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Deep Dive Sessions

Learn to use the power of music and breath to harmonize your life

into a unified expression of purpose, clarity and truth.

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This Course Will Be Releasing Soon!

Get Ready To:
  • Create a powerful daily practice of mindfulness through music and breath

  • Release the inner voices of fear, criticism, anxiety and isolation

  • Discover the full power of authenticity, calmness, serenity, power and love in your voice

  • At your own pace, in your own space, along with a pre-recorded session, we explore vocal freedom

  • You can hear me via high quality audio

  • Each session we explore powerful tools and themes for self discovery, healing, mindfulness, integration and transformation

  • Optional deep diving homework, reading materials & self-care tools with each class

By the end of the course you will be equipped with some really amazing, accessible tools that you can take with you for the rest of your life.  They will be your companions and allies to help build resilience and a strong capacity to regulate and nourish yourself.

Do You Feel Fully Free to Express Yourself?

Are there areas in life where you've been holding back in your self expression,
not allowing people to see your authentic self?

Learn POWERFUL skills for empowering YOUR gifts through a
transformational personal practice that will last a lifetime.


Create Your Soul Song

In this time we spend together I will help guide you to tuning into a song that already exists.  

It's one that your soul can recognize as a call back home to itself.

The practice of listening deeply to the music of life, to which you belong, along with some simple guidance for finding and remembering the song of your soul will be an important and valuable part of this journey. 

Throughout your life your soul song can change, stay the same, deepen in subtle ways but always remain a companion you can keep with you anytime you need to reconnect with this powerful way of experiencing yourself as an instrument of the Divine Source of Life.


Still With Me?
Now Let's Drop Some Science.


Studies referenced:

  • Bongard et al, 2004; Fancourt et al, 2016

  • Vikhoff et al, 2013

  • Camlin et al, 2020


Who am I?

My name is Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis), and I've followed a life long path in music and business focused mainly on the healing arts.


I achieved notoriety and success while simultaneously struggling with mental health, addiction, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, fear.

I was truly afraid to let go of control and experience real freedom until I found this amazing practice of singing and breathing as tools for embodiment, healing and transformation. 

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The Breath of Life Deep Dive Series came to be because I've worked with so many people who have anxiety about expressing themselves or have stored trauma that isn't being expressed or integrated.


People just like you and me who've felt blocked in their voice or breath, and have a desire to sing, speak, feel and live authentically. So I long to help as many people as I can with this practice...


Thus our Digital Deep Dive was born.

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• Unlimited Access to the Recorded Archive:
6 Classes of Breath + Vocal

Assignments + Homework:
With Curated Playlists to Accompany

Your Deep Diving Exploration

• Breathwork Tailored to Each Class

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Here's what others have to say about this work:



What an amazing vocal journey! The three days with him were unbelievable and it's hard to put in words how special this container was. 


It was a discovery of the healing power of music, a realization of the magic of breathwork, a way to deeply connect with people in a very intimate space without using a lot of words, a way (back) to god through music, a joy-filled journey to find my voice, singing from my heart for the first time ever. 


Alex truly is a magician with the music and healing work that he offers. I'm so deeply grateful that I listened to my intuition attending his vocal journey. I’ve never sung before and never felt the calling to dive deeper into music. But somehow he touched something deep inside of me.


Thank you Alex for this magical journey! I highly recommend it to everyone who is curious about the voice or the power of healing through music. Alex is someone who can lead you to it on his journey.

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I attended one of Alex's three day vocal journeys and I was immensely impressed by his way of holding space. He does it in a way that I have rarely seen by creating a space where we feel at ease to express our feelings and emotions freely, as much as our voices.  Showing our vulnerability in this work is so much easier because he sets the example. 

This work has allowed my mind to let go and experience being fully present with my emotions. I have also gone back home with immense keys to my singing.  Although they seem so simple yet so effective... and they can be keys for much more in life than singing.

I am very grateful for this transformative course and I recommend it with all my heart, letting yourself soften to the sweet sound of music. 🎶🙏



I have been singing with Alex in his containers since the end of 2019, and can say that these vocal journeys have been a source of deep healing and integration for me no matter where I have found myself on my journey at the time.

He facilitates and holds such a safe space and that alone has allowed me to deepen in the practice and remembrance of my soul's timeless and wordless expression in a way that feels grounded, explorative and energizing throughout my whole body. 


I've laughed, I've sobbed, I've felt deeply. Energy MOVES in this practice, yet in a gentle and non forceful way.

The voice really does have the power to heal, transmute and integrate frequencies held and created in the body beyond space and time... not to mention it consistently leaves us all feeling united and helps us return home... every single time.

Gratitude and big love to Alex & my fellow soul singers!

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