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Alliance of Generations
Inner Mentor Weekend

Ashland, November 11 - 13, 2022

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Dear Mentor,


It contains important information for you to arrive prepared and properly informed.


Okay, the ship has been launched!  You are days from a life changing experience for yourself a handful of courageous men who have chosen to explore their younger self and their inner mentor.  We have a truly incredible list of participants and staff.  Wooohooo!  Great job to everyone that helped us get this far.


We are asking for the following negative COVID tests from everyone arriving at the Inner Mentor training: 

1) a test taken at home 24-36 hours prior to the weekend.  Take a time-stamped photo of the negative test result on your cell phone. (Contact me with questions or if you need help acquiring a rapid COVID test kit)


2) a rapid COVID test that will be provided to you upon arrival at the weekend. Find the man running the administration desk when you first arrive and he will direct you through the enrollment process. You cannot start the weekend until enrollment is complete. 


A standard PCR test, taken less than 72 hours before the training will also be accepted.




For an optimal experience, we suggest you take time to consider and journal the following questions prior to the training.  Please be gentle with yourself and explore it from a detached place that will not re-traumatize you by going back into the trauma. Just reflect briefly on what was. 

  • Consider your youth, what was it like for you when you were young?

  • What did you long for, and what did you get that met that longing?

  • Were you protected and kept safe?

  • What dreams did you have?

  • How did you want to be seen and affirmed? By whom?

  • What men were in your life when you were a teenager? 

  • What roles did they play? 

  • What qualities would a mentor have for the younger you?



Please make sure that you arrive prepared to provide cash or a check (made out to Alliance of Generations) for the weekend fee. If you are interested in making a donation to support scholarships, please do so by writing a separate check payable to Alliance of Generations. Your contribution will be tax deductible.



Location: 1140 Paradise Lane, Ashland


We encourage you to carpool to the site, if possible. 

  • From Siskiyou Blvd and Walker Ave, go uphill on Walker Ave to the end (turns into Pinecrest Terr. and Peachy Rd)

  • Turn left onto Peachy Rd., past Deer Vista Ln. to Paradise Lane. 

  • Turn right onto Paradise Ln and drive uphill to 1140 Paradise Lane.


Keep going beyond 1140, across the bridge and to the right to the clearing at the end. Then walk back down.


The following hot meals will be served:

  • Friday dinner

  • Saturday lunch and dinner

  • Sunday lunch

Please arrive Saturday & Sunday morning having eaten breakfast.


Friday please arrive NO LATER than 5:00PM.  You are encouraged to arrive early, from 4:00PM onwards to relax and adjust to the site.  

Saturday + Sunday arrive no later than 8:45am


The formal portion of the weekend will conclude Sunday, at 3:00 PM


We suggest you return home each evening to sleep and eat breakfast the next morning before returning. 



Come prepared for the cold. We will spend some of the weekend outside. It can be very cold in the evenings this time of the year.

Please also bring: 

  • a portable chair for yourself, suitable for a campfire;

  • a flashlight;

  • a drinking mug or cup, and water bottle ideally with your name on them;

  • a plate, bowl, spoon, fork; and

  • clothing for a heated indoor space as well as cold night outdoor temperatures.




We will be setting up ritual space, so please bring some things of beauty by gathering things from nature, flowers, beautiful fabric or blankets, candles, etc.  Also, bring a photo of yourself as a young boy or teenager.


Pete Young,

Alliance of Generations

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