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Saturday Nov. 19th

Scottsdale, AZ

Breathwork + Sound Healing Vocal Journey
Learn how to transform your life through the power of your voice.
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Are you ready to take your life and your gifts to the next level?

  • How would it feel to transform your daily rhythms through the power of your own voice?
  • What about learning how to shift unwanted habits into evolutionary strategies, unleashing your capacity to give your gifts more fully?
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These are some of the what you'll receive in the workshop:

  • Powerful daily mindfulness tools

  • Breathwork, listening and singing exercises

  • Amplify and tune the healing power of your voice

  • Discover how receptivity builds unity and group coherence

Highlights of the Journey:

Explore the power of your breath through specific exercises, techniques and awareness building skills that support and strength your capacity to breathe deeply and cultivate an expanded state of awareness naturally. 

Dive deep into a sound healing vocal journey where we listen, soften, breathe, tune and unify our voices together into a state of sublime serenity. 


A mindful approach to breathing and singing helps us let go of control and allow our thoughts to arise and fall away from the vantage point, depth and wonder of our own innate rhythms and musicality.

We learn to free our breath and our voices to help deepen our awareness and cultivate lasting presence by using the anchors of body awareness, receptivity and deep, nourishing inhales + exhales. 

Body Care

How we'll spend our time:


We'll explore practices based in both pranayama and holotropic breathwork that can be used as simple, effective ways to regulate, expand and inspire the nervous system.  Breath can be a powerful tool for naturally achieving a high degree of relaxed, yet focused awareness.  It's also one of three fundamental principles for opening and freeing the voice.


Along with the breath we'll explore our capacity to develop receptivity, by cultivating an ever deepening somatic awareness of where we're holding tension in the body and using the power of our voice and breath to surrender into softness.  We'll also practice expanding our capacity to listen and receive sound as a way of practicing mindfulness and cessating thought.  These awareness tools help cultivate a freedom in our body as the instrument of life, which allows us to experience the natural beauty of our voice, free from the restricting effects of stagnant emotional energy, stored trauma and distracting thoughts. 


Singing can be a deeply sacred experience of remembering our belonging and the goodness that is our true nature.  Merging into the unified experience of singing with other voices can provide us with a feeling of refuge and sanctuary that can be a powerful reminder that we're never alone.  During and after our experience it's important to embed your own individual story through sharing and reflection.

Still not sure?
Here's what other folks are saying...

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We all shared an experience giving us the tools to meet any situation with love, compassion and grace,
simply by singing songs without words! 🙏🕉️🧡🌈🤗

Larissa headshot.jpeg


Alex’s vocal journeys have been some of the most impactful expressions and connection for me. They are deeper than the voice and I feel such a deep sense of unity and oneness with each individual present and with all of creation. The resonance of sound ripples out into my daily life. I couldn’t be more grateful for being part of these groups because they’ve guided me deeper into my own heart and sound.

Khansine Headshot_edited.jpg


I attended one of Alex's three day vocal journeys and I was immensely impressed by his way of holding space. He does it in a way that I have rarely seen by creating a space where we feel at ease to express our feelings and emotions freely, as much as our voices.  Showing our vulnerability in this work is so much easier because he sets the example.  ​  🎶🙏

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