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For more than two decades, I have been immersed in the world of breath, movement and music. My formative experiences came under the tutelage of my first teacher David Goulet, who led me through months of pranayam and breath awareness training before we moved onto physical postures, or asana. A two-year apprenticeship with him in cancer therapy saw me use a combination of yoga, breath and music to support those with terminal illnesses. That possibility fired up my imagination and paved the way for much of what was to follow.  


My travels eventually took me to Los Angeles, where I had the privilege to learn from prominent teachers while accompanying them musically. It is through these years of study that I have honed my practice around how to utilize breathwork, music, voice, and embodiment to create restorative states and enable deep relaxation.


My work of the last 25 years has seen music and creativity intertwine to create powerful global movements. I am thrilled to have been at the forefront of these projects, having co-created several highly celebrated music projects such as Desert Dwellers, Shamans Dream, Liquid Bloom and Rara Avis. These musical offerings were made to serve a higher purpose and be used in prayanam, yoga, breathwork, meditation, tai chi, relaxation and sleep - they have indeed penetrated every corner of the earth. 

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I also serve as the CEO and Co-Founder of - an independent streaming music platform for yoga, health and wellness practices. Last but not least, I'm one of the pioneers of the ecstatic dance movement having been a DJ and facilitator since its inception; an infinitely creative experience that allows us to explore ourselves through sound vibration, energy exchange and authentic expression.


Furthermore, I guide people through youth mentorship training and rites of passage while providing support services for individuals who are in active recovery from addiction.

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