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Alex King-Harris, affectionately known as Rara, is a leader in transformational music experiences. His immersive sonic environments incorporate a multi-instrumental, omni-cultural approach, mixing pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements. Flute, guitar, didgeridoo, vocals, harmonic overtone singing, improvised prayers and DJ techniques are layered together to create the backdrop for a mindful and embodied experience – inspiring ecstatic, embodied, healing music journeys in venues as intimate as a yoga studio and as sprawling as a festival setting.


Rara has a degree in jazz, a minor in classical music and in ethnomusicology from Vancouver Island University, where he was exposed to diverse influences including blues, psychedelic rock, jazz, funk, African, Middle Eastern and East Indian music, and a wide range of electronic dance music. He then cut his teeth in Los Angeles as part of the underground electronic dance community known as Moontribe, and was an original, but now former member of the celerbated projects Desert Dwellers, Shamans Dream and Liquid Bloom which laid the foundation for his current solo work on Six Degrees Records.

Rara Shaman Up Close_edited.jpg

In recent years, Alex has been exploring facilitating sound healing vocal journeys, using mindfulness techniques to help people access their authentic, embodied voice in a group or one-on-one setting.  He has also begun developing a contemporary addiction recovery process called Neural Reprogramming which combines elements of breathwork, meditation, yoga, dance, diet, personal inquiry work, grief literacy, community and land based reorientation with the goal of shifting daily habits towards a more optimal state of being.


In addition to his work as an artist, he is also the CEO and cofounder of, a fully licensed, fair trade music service providing top quality soundtracks for yoga, meditation, movement, and the healing arts.  It's a stand alone app that offers monthly subscriptions for individuals, professionals and companies with multiple staff members, available on iOS and Android.


Alex values a culture of connection through integrated mind and body practices, a deep relationship to nature and the transformative power of community. His life's purpose and aim is to be in tune in each day, transmitting a vibration of harmony, balance, mutual respect, solidarity and higher consciousness for a planet in need of healing, while doing his work in the shadow realms understanding conflict, anger, violence, grief, and how to awaken again and again from suffering. 

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