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Press Bio

Alex King-Harris (affectionately known as Rara Avis) is a world renowned producer, composer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist.  As a recognized pioneer in his field of interest, his twenty five year career has been primarily focused on music for yoga, embodiment and the healing arts.


Celebrated globally for his ecstatic dance sets and his former projects Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom and Shamans Dream, Rara’s musical offerings fluidly blend live elements including voice, flute, guitar and percussion with seamless, eclectic, trance inducing song selections which take movers on a satisfying and deep journey into a sweaty, prayerful state of personal and collective unifty. 


Rara also has a deep love for teaching vocal freedom by artfully inviting community voices into the dance space, and by going much deeper into sound healing vocal journeys as part of his on going workshop and ritual concert series. 


He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of YogiTunes, a world wide streaming music platform for yoga and wellness.  It features the largest curated catalog of healing arts music available and is specifically built as a tool for well being professionals to enhance their offerings with. 


For more information please visit him at





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