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Embrace Authenticity, Mend Emotions, and Unleash Your Inner Symphony in this 6 Week Online Course 

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Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body, Free Your Soul and Find Your Power Through This Simple Practice.


✨Stress Reduction

✨Improved Lung Capacity

✨Emotional Release

✨Enhanced Mental Focus

✨Increased Confidence

✨Physical Relaxation

✨Improved Vocal Health

✨Mind-Body Connection

✨Social Connection

✨Energy Boost

✨Immune System Support

✨Creative Expression

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With the Magic of Music, Breath, and Authentic Self-Expression.

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  • At your own pace, in your own space, along with a pre-recorded session, we explore vocal freedom

  • You can hear me via high quality audio

  • Each session we explore powerful tools and themes for self discovery, healing, mindfulness, integration and transformation

  • Optional deep diving homework, reading materials & self-care tools with each class

By the end of the course you will be equipped with some really amazing, accessible tools that you can take with you for the rest of your life.  They will be your companions and allies to help build resilience and a strong capacity to regulate and nourish yourself.


Together we will learn how to soften the body and embrace life's challenges with open arms, all while creating a harmonious connection with our authentic selves.

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Week One:
Coming Home to Radical Acceptance


What does it mean to practice radical acceptance?
In this session, we delve into the ongoing journey of nurturing our inner sovereignty.

By cultivating the art of self-love through the power of our breath, we practice embracing our present state with compassion and grace.

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"With this practice, I am able to go deeper into who I am and look at who I was and how I can feel and do better by breathing and being present, as well as learning to work and sing with others. I feel that is very important to live in a community or society. I am able look at my shadows and see through to the other side, not judging them but sharing love with them. The presence that Alex holds is difficult to put into words, the medicine he shares is potent! He is so composed, centered, and compassionate all at the same time! The tools he shares invaluable!  Breathing techniques and musical melodies that help one find there inner voice as well as work though and breath during difficult times!  It is truly a ceremonial experience giving life and breath to the daily life ceremony." - Justin


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💻 6 Pre-Recorded Voice + Breath Sessions

(Released every week for 6 weeks)

📝 Daily Practice Tools and Weekly Assignments 
for Self-Empowerment & Lasting Growth

📚 Weekly Readings & Resources for Each Theme

🎵 Master Harmonic Overtone Singing Techniques

🤲🏼 Online Group Space for Community Sharing


✨ Deepen Your Breath & Voice for Healing and Expression

✨ Release Self-Judgment and Embrace Authenticity

✨ Cultivate Presence, Play, and Acceptance

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What an amazing vocal journey! The three days with him were unbelievable and it's hard to put in words how special this container was. 


It was a discovery of the healing power of music, a realization of the magic of breathwork, a way to deeply connect with people in a very intimate space without using a lot of words, a way (back) to god through music, a joy-filled journey to find my voice, singing from my heart for the first time ever. 


Alex truly is a magician with the music and healing work that he offers. I'm so deeply grateful that I listened to my intuition attending his vocal journey. I’ve never sung before and never felt the calling to dive deeper into music. But somehow he touched something deep inside of me.


Thank you Alex for this magical journey! I highly recommend it to everyone who is curious about the voice or the power of healing through music. Alex is someone who can lead you to it on his journey.

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I attended one of Alex's three day vocal journeys and I was immensely impressed by his way of holding space. He does it in a way that I have rarely seen by creating a space where we feel at ease to express our feelings and emotions freely, as much as our voices.  Showing our vulnerability in this work is so much easier because he sets the example. 

This work has allowed my mind to let go and experience being fully present with my emotions. I have also gone back home with immense keys to my singing.  Although they seem so simple yet so effective... and they can be keys for much more in life than singing.

I am very grateful for this transformative course and I recommend it with all my heart, letting yourself soften to the sweet sound of music. 🎶🙏



I have been singing with Alex in his containers since the end of 2019, and can say that these vocal journeys have been a source of deep healing and integration for me no matter where I have found myself on my journey at the time.

He facilitates and holds such a safe space and that alone has allowed me to deepen in the practice and remembrance of my soul's timeless and wordless expression in a way that feels grounded, explorative and energizing throughout my whole body. 


I've laughed, I've sobbed, I've felt deeply. Energy MOVES in this practice, yet in a gentle and non forceful way.

The voice really does have the power to heal, transmute and integrate frequencies held and created in the body beyond space and time... not to mention it consistently leaves us all feeling united and helps us return home... every single time.

Gratitude and big love to Alex & my fellow soul singers!




Is prior singing or breathwork experience necessary?

Not at all! This course warmly welcomes both beginners and seasoned singers/breathworkers, offering a transformative journey for everyone.

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For any other questions, feel free to reach out, and someone from my team will get back to you.


We're here to support you on your transformative journey through this course.

Create Your Soul Song

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