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Hey, I'm Alex... a musician and voice facilitator.  I teach people how to relax deeply and empower the most authentic version of their voice.

Here you'll find some different options for getting acquainted with me and my body of work.
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Monthly Vocal Journeys

Deep Dive Sessions

Get a taste of this powerful work by joining me once a month for a 90 minute vocal journey.  Sing in the comfort and privacy of your own space in a unique, shared singing experience.

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Jump into a more in depth, 6 week course where we will create a powerful daily practice, learn the art of harmonics, share our insights together and discover your very own unique soul song.

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Weekly Vocal Journeys

Easily accessible 75 minute offering held every Monday on Zoom.
Learn how to use the power of music to cultivate authenticity, receptivity and genuine power in your life.

Monthly Podcast

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Explore the world of devotional music.

As a 20 year veteran and recognized pioneer of healing music, I have access to some of the most celebrated devotional musicians, singers, and embodiment facilitators in the world.  Join me for a monthly PODCAST where we'll explore a variety of perspectives and insights into the spiritual side of music.

I'm also available for bookings

Ecstatic Dance

I bring 20 years of multi-instrumental and DJ experience to a highly intentional, ecstatic, prayerful approach to co-creating memorable and legendary dance floors.

Celebrated globally, my offerings fluidly blend live elements including voice, flute, guitar and percussion.

Seamless, eclectic, trance inducing song selections take movers on a satisfying and deep journey into a sweaty, prayerful state of personal and collective unity. 

Vocal Journeys

I offer intimate vocal journeys where we explore in a group what it's like to join our voices, relax our minds and help each other cultivate a lasting sense of freedom and authenticity in the power of voice and music.

These journeys are prayerful, devotional, liberating, and weave participants into a tapestry of belonging.

Ritual Concerts

I weave instruments, voice, ambient soundscapes and pulsating rhythms into a seamless blended experience that calms the mind, nourishes the body and melts the soul.

Usually my shows are similar to a sound healing experience, as they're deeply meditative, prayerful and inward.  They're also great for shared practices like breathwork, yoga or partner massage.

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One of my favourite things to do is provide a wide range of music support for retreats.  Sound healing, performances, ecstatic dance, vocal journeys and holding ritual space.  All my skills weave together into a unified offering of supporting container building in a way that enhances a wide variety of retreat formats and offerings.


I've played music in retreats all over the world and truly love the intimacy and depth that comes from sharing music this way. 

Let's Stay In Touch

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