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How to Keto
Like A Pro.

Tips and tricks for making the transition fun and easy.

  • Drink bulletproof coffee in the morning before, during and after the transition: This helps with the brain fog associated with low carbs.  Add LOTS of fat to your coffee, and let the caffeine support your brain while it learns to let go of carbs as the primary source of fuel.  Go half caf or 2/3 decaf if you’re sensitive.  Try doing a workout, breathwork, or yoga after you ingest the caffeine. 

  • Spend 30 days planning the switch: Don’t add more stress to your plate by forcing the transition too early.  Start monitoring your carb intake levels where they’re at normally and build easy strategies to replace/shift away from heavy carb foods without actually doing it.  Notice what it’s like when you eat out vs. eating at home.  Prepare to let go emotionally of comfort carbs before you shift to Keto.

  • When you start to switch, just have some light carbs in the evening: Ultimately you’re going to progress to a diet that is ultra low carbs, but you can take your time getting there.  Enjoy some fruit or whole grains only in the evening.. just have a bunch of fat with it (like a spoonful of coconut oil)

  • Up your cardio significantly: Any high heart rate activities, even for 15-20 mins per day will significantly improve your metabolism and capacity to burn excess carbs + transition to burning fats.  It’s a great way to track your ketosis as well, because once you start adapting you’ll notice you have way more energy for longer. 

  • Get a Precision Xtra Keto Meter + Strips: I bought mine on Ebay and saved a ton as these are kind of expensive, but this is the most accurate way to track ketosis.  Try to stay above a 1.0 keytone reading for 3 weeks straight once you being your transition to low carbs.  Add a spoonful of coconut oil to every meal, and follow all of the tips in the reading material below. Test your blood an hour after eating and once you’ve tested above 1.0 you can cross the meal off your test list. 


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